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Mr. President,

General Douglas MacArthur who was one of the distinguished admirers of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, the Great Leader, had an eloquent statement: "Even the most complicated issues can be expressed in one or two pages." With this in mind, as a lavvyer, I will try to explain to you, shortly and in good faith, some of the covert operations of USA intelligence services involved in Turkish domestic politics.

You will know that, the Turkish Army—vvhich is the apple of Turkish Nation’s eye—in the early 1950s in Korea, when surrounded in Kunuri, displaying its superior combatant qualities fought bravely and prevented the annihilation of the USA 8th Army and gave a perfect example of brotherhood in arms, vvritten in gold letters in history. Then, despite their limited resources, Turkey and the Turkish Army, as a NATO member and out of respect to the notion of being an ‘ally’, did their best to fulfill the obligations of the alliance solidarity in good faith throughout the Cold War.

Turkish Nation and the Turkish Army never stipulate that the country with vvhich it displayed strong solidarity and regarded a friend vvould be involved in activities vvhich vvould do harm to it. Hovvever, if such a thing does happen, they vvill not put up vvith it, nor accept this hostility.

If I am allovved to further elaborate vvithin this scope, there are concrete facts indicating that some civilian and military intelligence services affiliated to USA government have provided support to PKK terrorist organization in the form of covert operations since 1991 when the USA invaded lraq. The perception is well formed in the Turkish public opinion that the USA has provided assistance to PKK terrorist organization and this perception naturally led to an increase in opposition to American polices and in anti-Americanism in general in Turkey.

İn addition to this already vvell-established perception, in recent years, intensive poliçe investigations and large scale legal proceedings, carried out against the alleged criminal netvvork ‘Ergenekon’, cause grave concern. These ever-broadening ‘legal’ cases have turned into a vvitch-hunt and they offer some concrete evidence that they are linked to covert operations carried out by the officers of Pentagon, TTIC and CIA. Several journalists, politicians, authors, lavvyers who are knovvn to be real democrats—as well as hundreds of flag officers and other high ranking army officers, active and retired alike— admittedly opposing aggressive policies of USA have been arrested based on fabricated, false documents originated from USA intelligence services (John Kunstadter, the officer of CIA) and they are now mostly imprisoned in Silivri prison near İstanbul vvhich came to be knovvn as the Turkish "GUANTANAMO". I am one of these officers, a veteran of the Turkish army These operations are being carried out by poliçe officers and public prosecutors vvho are actually loyal follovvers of "Fethullah Gülen netvvork" and supported by some ‘journalists’ and media outlets, ali affiliated to the very same organization. This global-scale project of CIA was executed in Turkey, until recently, under the protection and monitoring of the legitimate Turkish governments since mid-2000s. Some of these poliçe officers vvere trained in USA in 2006 shortly before the launching of the above-mentioned operation.

On the other hand, some American intelligence officers also provided support, to this (novv hardly) covert operation, in person, under the masquerade of "judicial process", inside the country. Paul L. VVilliams vvho vvas a retired FBI officer explained the connection betvveen the "Fethullah Gülen netvvork" and "CIA" as "CIA uses the community. There are nearly 800 schools in 112 countries. Annual expenses of these schools are 1 billion 200 million dollars. CIA has financing this money by a drug trade". Therefore certain Turkish citizens vvhose only guilt is to believe that USA has been providing support to PKK terrorist organization— therefore oppose the policies of USA which do harm the world peace—and who do not support the anti-democratic stance of the existing Turkish government—are deprived of their freedoms. This ‘operation’ is conducted by depending on the false documents produced— thanks to the active cooperation and contribution of USA intelligence services—and by relying on a netvvork with a ‘religious’ mask acting as a subcontractor. Since those under arrest, for years now, include several high ranking officers in active duty, the European Parliament in its last report on Turkey, indicated that this situation not only led the Turkish democracy to retrogress irrevocably, but also began harming the "operational capability of the Turkish Army" in a way that would hinder carrying out its NATO tasks and responsibilities.

I am an active lawyer. During my legal work for defending one of my clients involved in Ergenekon case, I reached concrete evidence vvhich indicated that a certain group vvithin the poliçe department were committing "military espionage in favor of USA" and then started preparing a criminal complaint. Hovvever, I was arrested on 07 June 2009 based on the ‘evidence’ left in my law-office by a poliçe team vvhich broke into it at night, on 03 June 2009.

Since that time I have been in Silivri prison, our local "GUANTANAMO", as an ‘accused’ under arrest. Nevertheless, I have now done that and hovv these operations are being conducted and who are employed in these operations, the roles and functions of American officers in this covert operation are detailed in the petition submitted to the Supreme Court of Appeals of Turkey, a copy of vvhich is also attached.

Undoubtedly, USA is an important and strong country in terms of economy, politics and the military provvess. İt is vvidely knovvn that some VVestern countries including the USA follovv the methods such as supporting the leaders of some states, sometimes by selecting them beforehand; providing support to candidates by indirectly intervening in election systems and increasing their vote shares, bringing them to povver, and benefitting from those leaders to further national interests of USA, sometimes by making use of the vveaknesses of those leaders. ‘Ergenekon’ is a typical example of such operations, recklessly planned, executed
and stili on. Hovvever, with such unvvise but ‘successful’ operations the opposition to USA in Turkey and elsevvhere is simply being ever-increased. Presumably, American tax-payers do not finance "TTIC, Pentagon and CIA" to have these intelligence services make ali peoples of the world turn against the USA". These types of vveird practices may undoubtedly provide benefit in the short term for gaining those vvho rule the countries—and benefit from their ‘services’.

Hovvever it is also undeniable that covert operations conducted by rough methods that border the state of ‘insanity’ make peoples become more and more opposing to USA policies and that it may not suffice to coopt leaders vvho rule countries in the medium to long term. VVinning a place in the hearts of vvorld peoples, as vvell as in that of the Turkish Nation shall require more meaningful and sincere efforts rather than symbolic actions such as the participation of your ambassador in the svvimming races in the Bosphorus, organizing picnics, or supporting basketball courses. After a vvhile, the people vvould force its own national policy and preferences on those vvho rule the country. I mean that your current policy shall only delay the inevitable failure that vvould be suffered naturally.

As long as these covert operations continue and hundreds of innocent Turkish citizens from every walk of life are framed and detained by false accusations based on fabricated indictments for vvhich supporting ‘evidence’ were produced by the help and assistance of American intelligence services, the hostility in Turkey against the USA will ever increase in the foreseeable future.

Hovvever those vvho are responsible for this result will not be the heroic and hospitable Turkish nation vvho did not hesitate to shed their blood for American soldiers and saved the day in Korea; but the USA intelligence services and Fethullah Gülen netvvork vvhich is used as a cat’s paw by these services in such covert operations stili ongoing in Turkey in a manner that is not befit to the spirit of alliance and ali but in a hostile manner. The lion’s share of primary responsibility also goes to the Turkish government that, until recently, failed to act timely to stop these illegal activities constituting grave crimes according to the Turkish Lavvs, and that now cannot become effective despite ali its belated efforts.

İn this respect, it is clear that "Project Ergenekon" carried out by the follovver agents of "Fethullah Gülen netvvork", planted in the Turkish state institutions and throughout the Turkish media, vvhich is also, stili, used as a cat’s pavv in Turkey by American intelligence services will increase the opposition against USA in Turkey and ali över the vvorld. İt vvill harm and cause permanent damage to the Turkish-American relations. Therefore, vve expect you, like the European Council, the European Parliament and other EU authorities and institutions, to adopt a policy that vvould side vvith democracy, human rights and freedoms in Turkey and to support the struggle of the Turkish Government against this USAbased illicit Fethullah Gülen netvvork, and to stop the support of USA intelligence services to illegal activities of this organization.

Respectfully Yours,

Lavvyer Serdar ÖZTÜRK
Silivri Penal Institution No. 1


Nurullah AYDIN
10 Eylül 2012-ANKARA


Çin Halk Cumhuriyeti(ÇHC) (Çince: 中华人民共和国, Hanyu Pinyin: Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó), bir Uzakdoğu ülkesi. Kuzeyinde Moğolistan, kuzey doğusunda Rusya ve Kuzey Kore, doğusunda Sarı Deniz ve Doğu Çin Denizi, güney doğusunda Güney Çin Denizi, güneyde Vietnam, Laos, Birmanya, Hindistan, Bhutan ve Nepal, güney batıda Pakistan, Afganistan, Tacikistan, Kırgızistan ve Kazakistan ile çevrilidir. Başkenti Pekin’dir. Çin sözcüğü sıklıkla Çin Halk Cumhuriyeti anlamında kullanılır.

Nüfus Bilgileri
Toplam Nüfus: 1,336,718,015
Kullanılabilir İşgücü: 749,610,775
Askerliğe Elverişli İşgücü: 618,588,627
Askerlik Çağındakiler: 19,538,534
Aktif Asker Sayısı: 2,285,000
Yedek Asker Sayısı: 800,000

Kara Kuvvetleri
Kara Silahları: 22,795
Tanklar: 7,470
ZPT ve PSA’lar: 5,000
Çekili Topçular: 2,950
Kendinden Tahrikli Silahlar: 2,475
Çoklu Roketatarlar: 2,600
Havan Topu Sistemleri: 1,050
Anti-Tanklar: 1,250
Uçaksavarlar: 750
Lojistik Araçlar: 5,850

Hava Kuvvetleri
Toplam Uçaklar: 4,092
Helikopterler: 1,389
Aktif Havaalanları: 502

Deniz Kuvvetleri
Toplam Donanma Gemileri: 562
Deniz Ticareti Gücü: 2,010
Önemli Limanlar ve Terminaller: 8
Uçak Taşıyıcılar: 0
Destroyerler: 26
Denizaltılar: 55
Firkateyn Gemiler: 58
Devriye Botları: 937
Mayın Tarama Gemileri: 391
Amfibi Hücum Gemileri: 544

Lojistik Veriler
İş gücü: 780,000,000
Karayolu Ağı: 3,860,800 km
Demiryolu Ağı: 86,000 km

Ekonomik Veriler
Savunma Bütçesi: $100,000,000,000
Altın ve Döviz Rezervleri: $2,662,000,000,000
Gayri Safi Milli Hasıla (GSMH): $10,090,000,000,000

Coğrafi Veriler
Su Yolları: 110,000 km
Kıyı Şeridi Uzunluğu: 14,500 km
Toprak Büyüklüğü: 9,596,961 km
Paylaşılan Sınırlar: 22,117 km

Petrol Kaynakları
Petrol Üretimi: 3,991,000 varil/gün
Petrol Tüketimi: 8,200,000 varil/gün
Bilinen Petrol Rezervleri: 20,350,000,000 varil/gün

*Kaynaklar*: US Library of Congress; Central Intelligence Agency, wikipedia, http://askerigucu.com

Günün Sözü: Planlı hareket, amacı gerçekleştirmenin esasıdır.


Mahkeme, Alladin Kaya’nın başvurusu kabul etti

(SÖZDE) Balyoz davasına yapılan müdahillik taleplerini değerlendiren İstanbul 10. Ağır Ceza Mahkemesi Alladin Kaya’nın talebini kabul etti. Zaman gazetesinin eski imtiyaz sahibi olan Kaya, Fetullah Gülen’e yakınlığıyla biliniyor.

Kaya’nın avukatlığını ise cemaate yakınlığıyla bilinen bir başka isim, emekli askeri savcı Ümit Kardaş yapıyor. Zaman gazetesinde de yazarlık yapan Kardaş, gazeteye yaptığı değerlendirmede taleplerinin kabul edilmesini “önemli bir gelişme” olarak değerlendirdi.

Alaatin Kaya, 28 Şubat sürecinden Genelkurmay Karargahı’nı ziyaret etmiş, "bağlılıklarını bildirmek için" Orgeneral Çevik Bir’le görüşmüştü.


Violence in Syria Stems from Foreign Aggression

Interview with Finian Cunningham
By: Kourosh Ziabari

Through his writings, Finian Cunningham has exposed the imposture and hypocrisy of the Western governments in funding and assisting terrorists in Syria.

An anti-war author and journalist, he is opposed to the U.S.-engineered sanctions against Iran and believes that these sanctions constitute crimes against humanity. “These sanctions are illegal. They are without any legal or political foundation. These sanctions reveal clearly the barbarous nature of the Western governments,” he writes.

What follows is the text of Iran Review’s interview with Finian Cunningham in which the ongoing unrest and violence in Syria, West’s plots for starting a new war in the Middle East, the suspension of Syria’s membership in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Arab League and the anti-Iranian sanctions have been discussed.

Q: the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has just suspended the membership of Syria while only a handful of countries, including Iran and Algeria, contested the decision. What’s your take on that? I read your article in which you stated the Saudi Arabian government brought shame to the Islamic world by bowing down to the demands of the United States and its allies in taking Syria off the OIC. Would you please elaborate on that?

A: It is clear that Saudi Arabia and the Sunni monarchies of the Persian Gulf, Qatar in particular, politicized the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation. This recent extraordinary meeting of the OIC in Saudi Arabia was convened by the House of Saud not to genuinely discuss the conflict in Syria – as it was supposed to do – but rather the meeting was called with the real purpose of isolating and denigrating the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad. In that way, the OIC decision to sanction Syria was reminiscent of the earlier move in November 2011 by the Saudi-dominated Arab League to suspend Syria. These are political maneuvers orchestrated by the Saudis, Qataris and other Persian Gulf dictatorships to undermine and discredit the Syrian government.

The premise of the decisions by OIC and the Al is that the conflict in Syria is attributable to repression by the Syrian authorities against its people, involving human rights violations and a refusal to enact democratic reforms. This is a completely false premise and distortion of the violence in Syria. This is also the portrayal of Syria that is presented over and over again by Western governments, primarily the U.S. and the former Middle East colonial powers Britain and France. Saudi Arabia and Qatar have over the past year emerged more than ever as proxies of the Western governments. The OIC conference was therefore fulfilling the propaganda function of blackening, besmirching and isolating the Syrian government, trying to reinforce the image that it is a pariah state that deserves to be shackled politically, economically, diplomatically and morally. The hidden agenda here was the Western powers’ desire for regime change. The Assad government has for years been a geopolitical thorn in the side of the Western powers and their Zionist and Arab dictator allies.


The cruel irony in all this is that the violence and suffering in Syria over the past 17 months has largely stemmed from covert aggression and sabotage in that country which is being fuelled by the U.S., Britain, France, Turkey, Israel and the Persian Gulf dictatorships. It is an open secret that the mercenaries assailing Syria and committing heinous crimes against humanity are actually armed and assisted by Western powers, Turkey, Israel and the Arab monarchies of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates as well as Jordan. Given these facts, it is reprehensible that the OIC conference should be called by Saudi Arabia in the first place, and secondly that the conference is coerced by the Saudi dictators to sanction Syria. It is doubly reprehensible that Saudi Arabia, which claims to be the custodian of the two holy sites of Islam, Mecca and Medina, is using a mantle of religious authority to perpetrate a treacherous political agenda, and to use the sanctity of Islam to blatantly cover up the crimes, violence and human suffering in Syria that it is so heavily responsible for.

Q: The opponents of the Syrian government, consisted mainly of the United States and its allies in the region, claim that the country’s armed forces have so far killed hundreds of peaceful protesters who demand that President Assad step down. On the other hand, the proponents say that the U.S., Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have armed the terrorists and insurgents in the country and have caused the escalation of the violence and bloodshed. Would you please present us an overview of what’s going on in Syria? Who is really telling the truth?

A: I think that initially the Syrian people were inspired by the genuine fervor of the Arab Spring in early 2011 when other people across the region turned out en masse on the streets to challenge the dictatorial rule in their countries that have prevailed for decades. These authoritarian rulers have only been sustained by massive support from Western powers – militarily, politically and economically. The despotic rulers of the Arab world were put in place by the West to exploit the immense resources of the region and these rulers held power with excruciating repression. The Syrian regime was not in the Western camp, but its people were inspired by the events across the region to similarly demand democratic reforms. The Syrian government of Assad, whose family has ruled over that country for four decades, is not guilty of the same depth of despotism and repression as was seen Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Bahrain. Nevertheless the people of Syria, I think, were inspired to demand more freedoms from their government as their neighboring nations were. Reports indicate that the Syrian state responded with a violent heavy hand. Recently the President Bashar Assad has said in media interviews that he regretted that response.

However, that said, it is accurately documented that in Syria’s Daraa city on the southern border the initial protests were hijacked by armed mercenaries who had infiltrated that country. Many of the early casualties of the violence were Syrian security forces. This indicates that protests were infiltrated by armed groups. The actions were not those of peaceful, civilian demonstrators, but rather were the actions of armed insurgents. In that way, the events in Syria were markedly different from those of other Arab countries, such as Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan and Bahrain where the protests were largely civilian and peaceful. Subsequent details in Syria and to this day validate the analysis that the so-called uprising is a foreign-backed infiltration of armed groups to destabilize and topple the Assad government. It is well documented that the U.S. and Britain have had plans for regime change in Syria going back to as far as 1957. The Western powers, along with their regional allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel, manipulated the protests in Syria to enact an armed insurrection using mercenaries from the region in order to violently challenge the Syrian regime. This covert operation is ongoing to this day, and indeed has been greatly amplified to now pose a real, mortal threat to the Syrian authorities. In this way, the events in Syria mirror what happened in Libya. Under the guise of supporting a popular protest movement, the West and its allies have infiltrated an armed insurrection with the objective of overthrowing a government that the West is opposed to. It is a cynical, deceptive game plan of regime change. The West and its regional allies want rid of the Assad government for several geopolitical reasons. One of those reasons is to undermine and isolate the government in Iran. It is quite clear that this is the real, urgent agenda of the West. It has got absolutely got nothing to do with support democratic reforms in Syria or the protection of human rights. The Western powers are the violators of human rights in Syria. Their alliance with the criminal Zionist regime and the despotic dictatorships in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf is proof of their cynical, disingenuous call for democratic reforms in Syria. If the West was really serious about democratic reforms and human rights in the Arab world, they would be primarily focused on Saudi Arabia and relieving the suffering of the Palestinian people. Clearly, they are not.

It has to be noted that the so-called rebels in Syria have emerged to be identified as Jihadist-type mercenaries from various countries: Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia and Pakistan. These groups have long been used as proxies by the West. They are cultivated and funded by Saudi Arabia with its extremist deformed version of Islam, Wahhabism. It is proof of the foreign-backed nature of the violence in Syria that these groups are committing horrendous acts of violence against Syrian civilians of all religious dominations. It is proof too that the vast majority of ordinary Syrians do not support the mercenary groups. In fact, the ordinary people of Syria are living under a reign of terror by these groups.

Q: Should we accept the premise that the United States and its European and Middle East allies are bolstering unrest and violence in Syria through arming the Free Syrian Army, can we come to the conclusion that the final objective of toppling the Syrian government is to dominate the Middle East in such a way that might lead to a regime change in Iran, an end which the U.S. and other imperial powers have been seeking for so long?

A: Yes, the violence in Syria as in Libya is being fomented and fuelled by the Western powers in their objective of enacting regime change across the region. Iran is the prime target. Recall that the NATO commander Wesley Clark revealed back in 2007 that the Pentagon had a plan from as far back as 2001 to roll out a campaign of regime change in at least seven countries. They were Iraq, then Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and “finishing off with Iran.” Now the order has not transpired exactly. But the thrust is that the U.S. has a long-term game plan for regime change across the oil-rich Middle East and Iran is the top prize. What is going in Syria today is the implementation of that plan as seen in Iraq and Libya.

Q: The Turkish government had assumed a fair and balanced position on the Middle East affairs in the recent years. It supported Iran’s nuclear program in a difficult time when almost all the Western nations had been opposing Iran’s nuclear activities and were pushing for UNSC resolutions and sanctions against Iran. Turkey also played a leading role in countering Israel during the 2008-2009 Gaza massacre and two years later when the IDF soldiers raided on the Freedom Flotilla. So, why has Turkey’s stance on the Middle East issues changed so drastically that it’s now allying with the United States, hell bound on overthrowing Bashar Assad in Syria?

A: Ankara, the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is playing a particularly treacherous role. I recall a visit by Erdogan to Damascus in 2010 where he lavished Bashar Al Assad with “brotherly” greetings. Erdogan has now revealed himself as a disgraceful back stabber. The reasons for this Turkish treachery are not clear. It could be do with ingratiating Turkey with Western governments in order to facilitate long-held Turkish aspirations to join the European Union. It could also be to do with vain, personal reasons of power aggrandizement in the region by joining with what Erdogan perceives as the winning side of NATO. But I think Turkey is playing a very dangerous game in doing this. And I think Ankara knows that. Their hesitation towards pursuing the covert war against Syria betrays deep distrust by the Turkish government about the West. They are afraid of being drawn into a quagmire and left in the sinking dirt by their supposed Western allies. After all a treacherous cheat is always a bit paranoid towards others, mindful that his past treachery could rebound. Also, another danger for Turkey is the instability that it is unleashing inadvertently among its Kurdish population in the Southeast of the country. Turkey is playing with fire by trying to stoke religious and ethnic conflict in Syria.

It should be noted too that there is a substantial dissent among the ordinary Turkish population towards what their government is engaging in Syria. Many Turks find Erdogan’s policies and actions reprehensible. Again, this is a danger for the Turk rulers that they are sowing their own downfall within their country by playing this treacherous role in the Western chess game for regime change.

Q: After the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel bombed Syria two times; one being the Ain es Saheb airstrike on October 5, 2003 and the other being the Operation Orchard in which the Syrian nuclear site near the Deir ez-Zor region was destroyed. The international community responded to the attacks passively and turned a blind eye to these violations of international law by Israel. Should Israel have been held accountable? What do you think?

A: Of course, Israel should be held to account for these incidents and many, many others. The state of Israel is a lawless, terrorist regime that stands out as a pariah. The crimes against humanity, the war crimes, the ongoing violation of international law and UN obligations, such as the occupation of Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the continuation of annexing Palestinian land are all outrageous crimes and affronts to human dignity. The Zionist regime gets away with these atrocities and violations because it has carte blanche from the U.S. and the European powers. Israel is a garrison state whose function is to project Western military power over the Middle East. It is really nonsense to expect the Western powers to hold Israel to account. Israel is functioning exactly as the West wants it to in order for these powers to exert hegemony over the Middle East. Israel is a pillar in the Western architecture of exploitation and domination over the Middle East. In an ideal world, the Israeli leaders and their Western political masters should be prosecuted in an international court for war crimes and crimes against humanity going back to at least 1948 when the illegal state of Israel was first set up by the Western powers.

Q: What do you think about the prospect of conflict and unrest in Syria? Will the government of President Assad succeed in withstanding the internal and external pressures? Hillary Clinton has explicitly stated that the United States seeks a regime change in Syria and nothing else. Will this regime change finally take place?

A: It is a very grim situation. The Syrian authorities, armed forces and the ordinary people are showing tremendous tenacity and courage in confronting these foreign-backed masqueraders. Yet, the Western governments have a long-held plan to get rid of the Syrian government and to install a puppet regime that will be pliable to Western regional objectives of political, economic, military hegemony. The Western powers have stepped up their campaign of sabotage and are itching to find a pretext for more overt intervention. Just recently the U.S. President Barack Obama repeated cynical concerns about the Syrian authorities using chemical weapons of mass destruction, or for these weapons falling into the hands of armed groups like Al Qaeda. The cynicism here is beneath contempt. Here we have a Western leader who has, along with his Western allies, helped to infiltrate Syria with these so-called Al Qaeda mercenaries, and now he is appearing to be voicing concern that such groups may acquire chemical weapons. In this way, Obama is trying to create a false flag of concern that will justify an overt Western military intervention. His secretary of state Hillary Clinton disclosed during a visit to Turkey last week that there were plans to set up no-fly zones by NATO in Syria. This would be a re-run of the scenario that the NATO powers instigated in Libya last year. The so-called no-fly zones suddenly morphed into an all-out seven-month aerial bombardment by NATO on Libya which led to the overthrow of Gaddafi, just as the Western powers wanted.

It is hard to see how the Western powers can pursue their plans in Syria. Russia and China are not going to be deceived again as they were over Libya. Also the violence and instability across the region from increasing Western intervention can rebound very badly on the West. They must know that, or else they are incredibly stupid.

Having said that, there is a very real danger that the West in its nefarious imperialist gaming could end up sparking a world war. I don’t think Russia, China and Iran are going to sit back and let the West tear apart an ally and all the strategic interests that these powers have in Syria.

It could turn out that the West backs off. However, that would still be a geopolitical gain for the West. Syria has been wrecked and badly weakened in this despicable Western episode of covert sabotage. The people have been traumatized and the economic base of the Syrian government must be decimated. That in itself has been a Western victory of sorts. Of course, that is appalling and heinous. It really is outrageous that the Western powers and their regional allies have gotten away with what they have in Syria. But just from a cold callous point of view, the wreckage of Syrian society can give the Western powers a certain smug satisfaction – even if these powers pack in their nefarious destructive covert war tomorrow and tell their mercenary proxies to go home. Syria, an official enemy of the West, has been devastated.

Q: What’s your assessment of the international pressures on Iran over its nuclear program? Iran is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and thus entitled to the right of enriching uranium for peaceful purposes. However, the Western powers want to deny Iran this right. Should Iran retreat from its position in order to be relived from the pressures?

A: Iran has every right to pursue its nuclear development plans. I believe these plans are for entirely peaceful, civilian purposes and in that way, Iran is perfectly entitled to continue with its plans. I certainly hope that Iran continues because to not do so is submitting to the criminal imperialist powers. A bully must be faced down. That is the only solution. If for talks’ sake Iran was to abandon its nuclear program, the Western imperialist powers will concoct some other agenda or purpose with which to try to subjugate Iran. The issue is not about nuclear power. The West knows that Iran is not trying to weaponize its nuclear capabilities. The nuclear “concerns” that the West continues to cite is a cynical pretext and cover for the West to try to cripple Iran, so as to engineer regime change. The Western imperialists cannot stand the fact that their puppet, the Shah, was kicked out of the country in 1979, and for the last three decades has embarked on a development plan that is independent from Western capitalist control. That is what is at issue. It must be extremely difficult for the people of Iran to be subjected to this foreign aggression, but I would say that they have to stand up to the Western bully, in the way that they have done so far and so admirably. Anyway, the world is changing dramatically and the power of these Western bullies is not what it once was. Their own societies and economies are falling apart. Also, as the Non-Aligned Movement summit in Tehran is demonstrating, there is a groundswell of international support for Iran. Countries in Asia and Latin America are no longer meekly submitting to the dictates of Western elite rule.

Q: The sanctions which have been imposed upon Iran are extremely affecting the daily life of ordinary Iranian citizens, making it unbearably difficult for them to access to foodstuff, medicine and other goods which are usually imported from other countries. Aren’t these sanctions some kind of violation of human rights by those who purportedly advocate these rights?

A: These sanctions are illegal. They are without any legal or political foundation. I defer to the opinion of many international legal experts such as Francis Boyle, who say that these Western engineered sanctions actually constitute a war crime. These sanctions reveal clearly the barbarous nature of the Western governments. They have no respect for international law or human morality. It is entirely appropriate for other countries to ignore these sanctions and treat them with contempt. Iran should file a prosecution against the U.S., Britain, France and others for war crimes of aggression and crimes against humanity. The symbolism of such a procedure would have significant practical repercussions and hopefully relief for the people of Iran.

Canada: Cutting Off Diplomatic Relations with Iran. Selling Its Soul to America

On September 7, Foreign Minister John Baird said Canada closed its Tehran embassy. It expelled Iranian diplomats in Ottawa. They have five days to leave. He claimed a nonexistent Iranian threat. He took a page from AIPAC’s playbook. He bogusly called Tehran the gravest threat to global security.He accused Iran of “providing increasing military assistance to the Assad regime.” He ignored Washington’s war Syria. He said nothing about Canada’s role.He didn’t explain how America, rogue NATO partners, and regional allies recruit, arm, fund, train, and direct ravaging death squads. He was silent on what matters most.He recited a litany of lies about Iran. He unconscionably pointed fingers the wrong way. Canada is a committed imperial partner. It’s one of 28 NATO countries. It supports the worst of Israel’s crimes.

In her book “Holding the Bully’s Coat: Canada and the US Empire,” Linda McQuaig discussed Canada’s sacrificial subservience. It abandoned its traditions. It sold its soul to Washington. It became submissive junior partner.

Conservative and Liberal parties allied with America’s “war on terrorism.” They stopped short of participating in its Iraq “coalition of the willing.” They willingly marched in lockstep with its illegal Afghan war of aggression and occupation.

In February 2004, they partnered with America and France against Haiti’s Jean-Bertrand Aristide. They ousted a democratically elected leader. They crushed his popular movement. They ended his progressive reforms. They installed fascist harshness. They had unchallenged pillaging in mind.

Canada today operates as an appendage of imperial America. It abandoned its traditional commitment to equality, inclusiveness, and rule of law inviolability.

It’s plagued by a militaristic/imperial/neoliberal culture. It’s no longer a fair arbiter and promoter of just causes.

In the 1980s, Canada’s downward trajectory began in earnest. Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney bonded with Ronald Reagan.

Corporate America remembers his December 1984 address. He appeared at the New York Economic Club. Business heavyweights packed the house to hear him. He didn’t disappoint.

He said “Canada (was) open for business.” His meaning was unambiguous. US corporations were welcome. Economic integration would proceed. America’s sovereignty henceforth took precedence over Canada’s. It’s been downhill ever since.

Before Stephen Harper became prime minister in February 2006, Liberal leader Paul Martin tilted hard right. In 2003, he succeeded Jean Chretien.

His 2005 defense policy review stressed integrating Canada’s military with America’s. He approved redeploying Canadian Afghan peacekeepers as combatants. Harper maintains the same policy. Canadians have no say.

He governs in lockstep with Washington. He abandoned Canada’s traditional even-handed Israel/Palestine agenda. In 2006, he threw its democratically elected Hamas government under the bus. Doing so showed contempt for Palestinian rights.

He showed no concern for 50,000 Canadians in harm’s way during Israel’s war of aggression on Lebanon. He called its death and destruction campaign “measured.”

Post-WW II, things were different. Canada’s internationalism evolved. It supported rule of law principles, endorsed peacekeeping, spurned militarism and imperialism, and worked cooperatively with other nations. No longer.

Harper’s government, Canadian elites, its business community and military support imperial/neoliberal/anti-populist policies. Ottawa replicates Washington. Essential social programs are eroding. Egalitarianism is disappearing.

What corporate Canada wants, it gets. Militarism grows stronger. So does police state harshness. Pandering to Washington is policy. Tortured logic follows the same destructive path.

McQuaig calls Harper America’s “unctuous little sidekick.” She compared Canada’s government, corporate, and military officials to 19th century compradors.

Modern-day ones are subservient US junior partners. Canada’s soul went on the auction block for sale. Like Americans, Canadians are force-fed the worst of all possible worlds.

Ottawa allied with Washington’s war on Libya. It’s partnered against Syria and Iran. It shamelessly supports what it should renounce.

Doing so makes it complicit in the supreme crime against peace. It’s guilty of crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. It’s leaders are war criminals.

Iran responded to Canada suspending diplomatic ties. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said:

“The decision by Canada showed that this country has sacrificed the interests of its nation for the sake of the Zionists by following their policies against Iran.”

He called Harper’s government “racist” and “hostile.” He added:

“The closure of the visa section of the Canadian Embassy in Tehran, freezing the bank accounts of Iranian nationals living in Canada, and prohibiting money transfers to Iranian students studying in that country are among the Canadian government’s numerous hostile measures against the Iranian nation and the Iranian community in Canada.”

Senior Iranian lawmaker Alaeddin Boroujerdi accused Harper of “blindly” following Britain, saying:

“The British government certainly seeks to lead its friends to the same path that it had taken. Therefore, this decision was in fact blind acquiescence by the Canadian government.”

He added that Canada allied with Washington and Israel’s attempt to undermine a historic NAM summit in Tehran. It perhaps reacted to its success. He also called on Iran’s Foreign Ministry to respond in kind.

Mehmanparast said expect it to be swift.

Britain is part of a US/UK/Israeli troika. It’s an axis of evil. Canada supports it. It threatens humanity. It’s involved in North African/Middle East/Central Asian imperial wars. It plans more. Independent nonbelligerent countries are targeted. Syrian and Iranian sovereignty are threatened.

Almost half a million Iranians live in Canada. Many reside in Toronto. Tehran planned a consulate to serve them. They’ll have no representation now.

On Friday, Netanyahu congratulated Harper. He called his move “a bold decision, (a) “moral step,” (a) “clear message to Iran and to the entire world.”

Tehran’s successful NAM summit endorsed peace, mutual cooperation, Iran’s peaceful nuclear program, and national sovereignty.

Netanyahu called it “a show of anti-Semitism and hate in Tehran.”

Every time he opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it. He displays racist scorn for Muslims, imperial brazenness, contempt for anyone not Jewish, and hostile rage.

Ottawa has had poor relations with Iran since the 1979 revolution. They became strained after former Canadian ambassador Ken Taylor helped rescue six Americans during the 1980 Tehran hostage crisis.

In 2003, they were further damaged after dual Canadian/Iranian citizen/freelance photographer Zahra Kazemi died in custody. He was arrested while taking photographs outside a Tehran prison.

Canada responded. It recalled its ambassador. Iran ordered him out after unsuccessfully trying to resolve the issue and agree on exchanging ambassadors.

Washington severed diplomatic relations in 1980. In November 2011, Britain recalled its entire diplomatic staff. It followed two days of protests.

Hundreds of Iranian students staged it outside London’s Tehran embassy. They pulled down Britain’s flag and demanded its envoy’s ouster.

Without justification, the Cameron government claimed Iranian leaders ordered it. It also expelled its diplomats from London.

Days earlier, Tehran downgraded ties to Britain. It was over London’s decision to impose sanctions on Iran’s Central Bank and false allegations about its nuclear program.

Washington, Britain and Israel target Iran for regime change. Top priority ahead is war. Not now, according to Time magazine.

On September 5, it headlined, “Worried About Israel Bombing Iran Before November? You Can Relax,” saying:

According to some Israeli analysts, Israel’s “war of choice” isn’t cancelled. It’s delayed. Internal opposition and public opinion are against it. Even Defense Minister Ehud Barak now wavers. He’s not called “Mr. Zigzag” for nothing.

Netanyahu wants Washington’s full commitment. In late September, he’ll meet Obama in New York. They’ll both address the UN General Assembly. Expect neither to sound benign.

Netanyahu’s saber-rattling bluster long ago wore thin, but not his hostile intent. He and Obama remain on the same page. Differences are mostly over timing and perhaps strategy.

“For now, the US looks likely to persuade Israel to sit on its hands.” Nonetheless, “it’s probably a safe bet that war talk will be revved up again come spring” or perhaps earlier post-election.

Canadian Foreign Minister Baird didn’t explain why he cut diplomatic ties now, not earlier. He denied perhaps knowing that war is more imminent than Time imagines.

“Unequivocally, we have no information about a military strike on Iran,” he said. In the fullness of time, we’ll know.

A Final Comment

In 1953, Chicago Tribune owner Colonel Robert McCormick called Canadian statesman/diplomat/later prime minister (1963-68)/Nobel Peace Prize laureate (1957) Lester Pearson “the most dangerous man in the English-speaking world.”

It was over Pearson’s refusal to cooperate with Senator Joe McCarthy’s witch-hunt communist hearings. They destroyed lives, ruined careers, accomplished nothing, and led to McCarthy’s own demise.

Pearson’s ideas were mirror opposite Harper’s and other imperial aggressors. He wanted NATO involved with economic and social issues as well as defense. He supported an alliance for Western free market alternatives to communism.

He opposed nuclear weapons. He challenged Washington on policies he believed dangerous, provocative and destructive. In 1955, as Secretary of State for External Affairs, he was the first Western official to visit Moscow.

He spoke forcefully against colonial domination. He endorsed sovereign rights for all nations. He supported internationalism, conciliation, and peace. He was a worthy Nobel laureate.

His lecture stressed hard facts. Countries have a choice. “Peace or extinction” is in their hands. He added that nations cannot “be conditioned by the force and will of a unit, however powerful, but by the consensus of a group, which must one day include all states.”

Predatory nations can’t be tolerated, he believed. At the same time, he opposed communism and backed efforts to contain it. He erred supporting Washington’s Vietnam War. A later Temple University address challenged America’s Southeast Asian role.

Overall, he supported peace and peacekeeping. His Nobel lecture named “four faces of peace: prosperity, power, diplomacy and people.”

As prime minister, peacekeeping was prioritized. Canada has none like him today. Neither do other Western countries. War, not peace, matters most. So does imperial dominance.

Ottawa’s on board with Washington. Its traditions long ago eroded and died. Some wonder what defines it as a nation. Riding shotgun for America and supporting the worst of Israeli lawlessness give them reason for pause.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”


Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


Mustafa Armağan ideolojisi için tarihi çarpıtmaya devam ediyor

Mustafa Armağan ideolojisi için tarihi çarpıtmaya devam ediyor

Mustafa Armağan ÇARPITMALARINA devam ediyor.

Lozan’dan sonra imzalandı dediği Chester Antlaşması Lozan’a ara verildiğinde ABD desteği için İMZALANMIŞTIR. Yıllardır Osmanlı zamanında verilen imtiyazlar nedeniyle TAMAMEN dış sermayeye mahkum edilmiş olan TÜRKİYE’nin içteki tüm yatırımları birden ORTADAN KALDIRILAMAZDI. Ayrıca Lozan’da kapitülasyonları kaldırma girişimlerimizin tümünü reddeden YABANCILARIN TEK korkusu TÜRKİYEDEKİ ÇIKARLARININ ve şirketlerinin ne olacağıydı. Ve Lozan’a bu anlaşmazlık nedeniyle ara verilen dönemde hem İzmir iktisat Kongresi ile ve bu CHESTER projesiyle yabancılara korkmayın yatırım yapın ama bizim şartlarımıza uyun mesajı verilmiştir.

Mustafa Armağan ÇARPITMALARIYLA yazdığı gazetedeki okuyucularını da tek yönlü bakış açısıyla kandırıyor. Tıpkı bir TV’de canlı yayında olmadığı halde kendini PROF olarak tanıtan muhabire düzeltme yapmayıp, söylediklerinin etkisini DAHA ÇOK artırmak için yaptığı gibi….Armağan, Chester tarihini başta Nisan 1923 diyor ama resim altında Lozan imzalandıktan sonra şeklinde hata yapıyor. Oysa Lozan’ın imza tarihi 24 Temmuz 1923’tür. Hükümet de kanunu Nisan’da yani LOZAN’da verilen arada çıkartmıştır ki ABD Lozan’da kendisini desteklesin.

ARMAĞAN kendi ÇARPITMALARINA dürüst iktisatçı BORATAV hocayı da alet ediyor. BORATAV’ın “1930lara kadar dediği halde Atatürk DÖNEMİNİN TÜMÜNÜ suçlaması herhalde kendi yanlılarının ABD’nin kucağına oturmasını gizlemek için OLSA GEREK. Hani suçlu olan suçu işler de başkasını suçlar ya kendisinden kuşkulanmasınlar diye, işte öyle bir şey…. O kadar ki yazısının sonunda da Boratav’ın cümlelerini kendi ideolojisine uydurmak için aralardaki cümleleri çıkartarak verebiliyor.


1-Armağan, NEDEN Osmanlı’da 100 yıllığına verilen ve halkın sömürüldüğü İMTİYAZLARI unutup Lozan arası destek için verilen AMA UYGULANMAYAN Chester’ı DİLİNE dolar?…. Sakın ATATÜRK düşmanı bir gazetede yazdığı ve ona bu AMAÇ misyon olarak verildiği için OLMASIN..

2- Armağan NEDEN ülkemizin yeraltı kaynaklarının TÜMÜNÜ YABANCILARA VEREN Osmanlı dönemindeki YÜZLERCE VERİLEN AYRICALIKLARI değil de sadece Cumhuriyet ilan edilmeden verilen(Nisan 1923) imtiyazı YAZAR.?.

3- Armağan, Chester projesinin daha evvel Osmanlı zamanında TEMELİNİN ATILDIĞINI ve o zaman da imtiyazının verilip ertelendiğini ve aynı adamın(Chester) yeniden yetkililerle temas kurup imtiyaz almak istediğini de BİLMEZ Mİ acaba?

4-1930 öncesi Osmanlıdan kalan YABANCI SERMAYE varlığı nedeniyle eli kolu bağlı olan ATATÜRK 1932 sonrası tüm LİMAN, DEMİRYOLU VE ŞİRKETLERİ yavaş yavaş oralardaki yolsuzlukları da kullanarak SATIN ALDIRTTIYSA hata mı işlemiştir.? Sayın Armağan o tarihten sonra yapılan DEVLETLEŞTİRMELERİ ve satın almaları bilmez mi? Bilir bilir de hani demişlerdi ya bilmezler duymazlar görmezler!

Düşünebiliyor musunuz Lozan arası ABD desteği için daha evvel temeli atılmış bir imtiyaz verilmeye kalkılmış(ama uygulanmamış) ve bunun için Armağan okuyucusunun Atatürk düşmanlığını sömürmek için “ülkemizin yeraltı madenleri kendilerine altın bir tepsiyle sunulmuş” diyebiliyor. Yine bunlar masal anlatıyor diyebiliyor. Kanun çıkmıştır ve ABD kabul etseydi uygulanacaktı da belki ama Armağan EMİN OLSUN 1930 sonrası MUTLAKA satın alınırdı diğerleri gibi….

Armağan bunları BİLMEZ ama kendisinin genelde zıttı olan ama bu konuda ortak düşündükleri belli olan bir başka BİLMEZ BÜLENT CAN’ınKemalistler belli bir emperyalist devletin ordularına karşı ciddi bir fiili “kurtuluş” savaşı vermediği gibi, emperyalistlerin oyununa gelmiş Yunanlılarla arasındaki savaşta birçok emperyalist devleti yanına almıştı. Batı’ya yapılan pazarlıklar ise sadece Birinci Dünya Savaşı sonrasında dayatılmak istenen koşulların düzeltilmesi pazarlığıdır. (s. 190).cümlelerini de kullanarak SON DÖNEMDE KURTULUŞ SAVAŞI OLMAMIŞTIR SAÇMALIKLARINA DA destek çıkmıştır.

Armağan tarihçi olmadığı için o dönemin olaylarına günümüz kavramlarıyla bakıp oldukça da yanılıyor. Atatürk’ün 27 Eylül 1922′de bir yabancı gazeteciye “ülkemizde siyasi tutkulara sahip olmadıkça Amerikalıların Türkiye’deki petrol alanlarını işletmesine karşı olmadığını” belirtmesini de “küreselleşmeci” diye YAFTALIYOR. Oysa o dönemde ABD bugünkü ABD değil…Bütün dünyada emperyalistlikleri tescilli İngiltere, Fransa ve Rusya’dan farklı olarak kurtarıcı ABD rolünde ve yıllarca kendi kıtasında kendi iç işlerine bakan MONROE doktrinine de sıkıca bağlı. O kadar ki Osmanlının başkenti İstanbul’da padişah onaylı Wilson İlkeleri Cemiyeti kurulduğu gibi, Erzurum’da bile Wilson İlkeleri Cemiyeti için pankartlar açılabiliyordu. Armağan bunları bilmez mi? Bilir ama dediğim gibi…Misyonu olduğu için Atatürk’ün 1923’te verdiği “Biz Amerikalıları Türkiye’de görmek istiyoruz, çünkü özlemlerimizi en iyi onlar anlayabilirler. Zengin ve çeşitli milli kaynaklarımızın, Amerikan sermayesi için çekici olması gerekir. Kalkınmamızda Amerikan yardımını memnuniyetle karşılarız” demecini de anladığı halde amacını gizlemek için kendi ideolojisine alet eder.

Sayın Armağan Chester projesinin maddelerini vererek güya halkı kandırmak istiyor AMA Osmanlı’da yapılan ve maddeleri çıldırtacak kadar tavizkar olan İMTİYAZLARı neden unutur. CHESTER’IN BU MADDELERİ DE genelde verilen imtiyaz maddeleridir. Osmanlı’da verilen demiryolu imtiyazında yabancı şirketin elde ettiği, hattın 20 km sağı ve solundaki her türlü maden işletme hakkının ve asar-ı atika denilen eski eserlerin kullanım hakkını da BİRİLERİ Armağan’a anımsatmalı. Anımsatmalı ki bir hafta önce geri getirilen TRUVA hazinelerinin NASIL ve KİM zamanında YURTDIŞINA kaçırıldığını bilsin. http://gundem.milliyet.com.tr/truva-hazinesi-evi-ne-dondu/gundem/gundemdetay/05.09.2012/1591406/default.htm Bilsin ki DÖNEMİN MÜZE MÜDÜRLÜĞÜ YAPAN Hamdi Bey’in Abdülhamit’in önüne yatarak “benim cesedimi çiğnemeden bu eserleri gönderemezsiniz” cümlesini de anlasın… MUSTAFA ARMAĞAN, artık kendi ideolojisi için TARİHİ SAPTIRMAYA son vermeli… ”




İRAN ANALİZ / Hizbullah-Esed müttefiki olan Lübnanlı Hristiyan vekil Mişel Avn ülke içindeki gelişmeler ve Suriye bağlamındaki değişimlerle ilgili açık ve net konuştu. Lübnan Güvenlik Birimlerinin bomba yüklü aracıyla, terör faaliyetleri planlamak üzere suç üstü yakaladığı bir diğer Esed-Hizb müttefiki Mişel Simahe hadisesi, son olarak el-Mikdad aşireti silahlı çete başkanını yakalaması gibi olaylar üzerine Avn sert şekilde ilgili makamları suçladı. Diğer devrimleri ve Suriye devrimini karalayan, İhvanul Müslimin Hareketine saldıran Avn Esed sonrası yapıyı 14 asır öncesine dönecek bir yapı olarak nitelendirdi!

İçişleri Güvenlik Birimini, müdürünü ve İçişleri Bakanını suçlayan Hizb-Esed müttefiki Avn konuşmasını sürdürerek asıl niyetini Suriye devrimi üzerinden ifşa etti. Zor günlerden geçtiklerini, Lübnan’daki siyasi denge sebebiyle durumun ve çevredeki gelişmelerin kendilerini zora soktuğunu belirten Mişel Avn karşısındaki siyasi grupları ve muhalifleri suçladı. Esed-Hizb-İran retoriğini bir kez daha tedavüle sokan Hristiyan Avn sözde hikmetli siyaseti nedeniyle özellikle Hristiyanlar olmak üzere Lübnan’a hiçbir darbe veya yükümlülük getirmediklerini iddia etti!

Asıl niyeti ve ideolojik arkaplanını gözler önüne seren Lübnan Milli Özgürlük Hareketi başkanı Avn konuşmasında şunları söyledi: “Bugün konuştukları gibi eğer Suriye’de bir değişim olacaksa bu sizlerin ve Lübnan’ın işini bitirmek/yok olmanız demektir. Çünkü gelecek yapı 14 asır öncesine dönecektir. Bizler bu durumun kesin ve aynen böyle olduğundan emin olmalıyız. Bakınız Tunus, Libya, Mısır ve hatta Suriye gibi devrimlerin yaşandığı ülkelerde neler oldu? Acaba bunlar bizleri yönetmesini istediğimiz yapılar mı? O zaman herhangi bir değişim hareketini desteklerken bu hareketin yönünü/eğilimini bilmek durumundayız.”

Konuşmasını sürdüren Avn, tıpkı İran-Hizb-Esed karapropaganda aygıtı gibi direk İhvanul Müslimin (Müslüman Kardeşler) Hareketini hedef aldı. Bunların ihtilaf, vatandaş hakkı gibi şeylerden anlamadığını söylecek kadar ileri giden Hristiyan Avn: “Hatta bunlar bir insanın yemek yeme hürriyetinde dahi rahat bırakmazlar?” dedi.

Suriye ile ilgili uluslararası kamuoyunun attığı adımları ve niyetleri iyi bildiğini öne süren Avn, tıpkı Lübnan’daki gibi kendilerinin çıkarlarına aykırı gördüğünü söyledi. Avrupa, Amerika ve İsrail’in Filistinlilere Lübnan’ı vatan etmeye çalıştıklarını ancak bunu kabul etmeyeceklerini söyleyen Avn, müdahalelerle ilgili olarak bölgede net şekilde at oynatan İran-Çin ve Rusya’ya dair ise tek kelime etmedi.

Şimdi sıkı bir Hizbullah müttefiki olan Avn’la ilgili olarak geçmişte çok şiddetli ve inanılmaz suçlamalar yapılmıştı. Nasrallah 1989 yılında en-Nehar gazetesinde yayımlanan konuşmasında kendisini “İsrail’in çıkarları doğrultusunda çalışan bencil, Şark Maruni ırkçılığı yapan, Hristiyan yıkıcı projeleri yürüten ve bunu gizlemeye çalışan vs” gibi şekilde suçlamıştı. Aynı şekilde Avn da Hizbullah’ı ve başkanını Tahran’a bağlı olmak, mezhepçilik yapmak vs gibi ithamlarla karalamıştı. Şimdi İran-Suriye rejiminin desteğiyle her ikisi de aynı safta yer alıyor.


1935 yılında doğan Maruni Hristiyan Avn Lübnan Ordusu eski komutanı bir generaldir. Özgür Vatansever Hareketi liderliğini yapmakta olan bir siyasetçidir.

1983 Eylül ayındaki iç savaşta Hristiyan kökenlilerden oluşan Avn komutasındaki Mekanize Piyade Birliği Sukul Garb savaşında Müslüman, Dürzi ve Filistinli güçlere karşı savaştı.

1988 ila 1990 arasında aynı esnada iki muhalif hükümetin başbakanı olarak görev yaptı. 1989 yılında Suriye işgaline karşı Kurtuluş Savaşını başlattığını ilan etti. 13 Ekim 1990 tarihinde Suriye güçleri Beyrut’u işgal edip yüzlerce masum sivil ve silahsız askeri katletti. Bunun üzerine General Avn Fransız elçiliğine kaçtı, buradan Fransa’ya gitti.

7 Mayıs 2005 tarihinde Suriye işgal güçleri ülkeden çekildikten tam yedi gün sonra Lübnan’a geri döndü. 2006 tarihinde Özgür Vatansever Hareketini kurdu ve Hizbullah ile mutabakat metni imzaladı. 2009 yılında Suriye’yi ziyaret etti. Bu süreçten sonra kademeli olarak İran-Suriye-Hizb eksenine kaydı. Hariri iktidarını düşürmek için başlatılan sokak gösterileri, eylemle ve siyasi oyunlarda direk rol oynadı.


İRAN ANALİZ / İngiliz The Daily Telegraph Gazetesinden savunma haberleri editörü Con Coughlin’in Batılı istihbarat kaynaklarına dayandırarak verdiği habere göre İran rejimi yüz binlerce tonlu askeri ekipman, silah, roket, bomba ve mühimmatı Şam-Tahran arasında kurulan düzenli hava koridoru aracılığıyla Esed rejimine ulaştırdı.

Ahmedinecat başta olmak üzere İran Devrim Muhafızları, Ayetullahlar ve devletin tüm ilgili resmi organlarının bizzat devreye girerek desteklediği Esed rejiminin böylece katliamları sürdürdüğü, silahlı direnişi nisbi olarak göğüslediği biliniyor. Habere göre ise Esedin varlığını kendi varlığı gibi gören İran rejimi inanılmaz yardımlarda bulundu. Halen de bulunmaya devam ediyor.

İstihbarat yetkililerinin aktardığı bilgilere göre İran’ın artan desteği neticesinde Esed rejimi direnişçilere karşı biraz daha etkili taktikler geliştirebildi. Şam ve Halep’te rejime büyük darbeler vuran direnişçilere karşı rejim güçleri bir dizi iyi planlanmış saldırılar yürüttü.

İran’ın Esede verdiği desteğin arkasında ise İran Devrim Muhafızlarının yurt dışında terör faaliyetleri yürüten Kudüs Güçleri (Tugayları) komutanı general Kasım Süleymani geliyor. İran’ın desteğindeki artış özellikle Özgür Suriye Ordusunun rejimin kalbini vurduğu ve savunma bakanı, istihbarat bakanı gibi Esedin belkemeği hükmündeki üst düzey yetkililerin öldürüldüğü operasyondan sonra hız kazandı.

Sahabe Ordusuna bağlı direnişçilerin içinde üst düzey komutanların da yer aldığı 48 kişilik İranlı terörist grubu suç üstü yakalaması da ilişkinin somut anlamda sahadaki etkilerini gösteriyor. Irak hava sahası üzerinden rahatlıkla Suriye’ye giden İran uçakları içinde üst düzey devrim muhafızları komutanları ve yetkililerini, mühimmat ve askeri malzemeleri taşıyor.

İran Direnişi Milli Konseyi de içerden aktardığı bilgilerle kaçırılanların Suriye’de Esed rejimine destek için bulunan üst düzey devrim muhafızları olduğunu ortaya çıkardı. Bunlar arasında generaller, saha komutanı albaylar ve üst düzey askeri yetkililer bulunuyor.

İran devrim muhafızlarının yanı sıra Lübnan’daki Hizbullah terör örgütü, Irak’taki Mehdi Ordusu ve Bedir Tugayları gibi çeşitli Şii terör örgütü mensupları da Esed rejimine destek veriyor.

Der Rufmord an ihren Gegnern hat Traditon bei der STASI

Wie die Stasi das erste Maueropfer Günter Litfin verunglimpft hat

Am 24. August 1961 wurde der erst 24 Jahre alte Günter Litfin beim Versuch, schwimmend den Westsektor Berlins zu erreichen, erschossen. Das MfS startete eine Verleumdungskampagne.

Am 24. August 1961 wurde der erst 24 Jahre alte Günter Litfin beim Versuch, schwimmend den Westsektor Berlins zu erreichen, erschossen.

Ein Rückblick: Es ist kurz nach 16 Uhr am 24. August 1961. Eine Menschenansammlung beobachtet, wie ein Toter von Ostberliner Feuerwehrleuten aus dem Wasser des Humboldthafens gezogen wird. Es ist der 24-jährige Günter Litfin – das erste bekannt gewordene Gewaltopfer der Mauer. Ein Transportpolizist hat gezielt auf den wehrlosen Schwimmer geschossen.

In den Akten der Staatssicherheit findet sich zum Fall Günter Litfin auch ein undatiertes Foto: Gedenkstein für Günter Litfin am Friedrich-List-Ufer, aufgestellt am 24.8.1962. Heute befindet sich der Gedenkstein an der Sandkrugbrücke in der Berliner Invalidenstraße. Quelle: BStU, MfS, HA IX, Fo 1673, Bild 88

Zwei Tage zuvor, am 22. August 1961, wurde im Sitzungsprotokoll des Politbüros des Zentralkomitees der SED über die “Anwendung der Waffe” an der Grenze festgehalten:

“Auf Grund der verleumderischen Reden Brandts, dass die Angehörigen der Nationalen Volksarmee und der Volkspolizei bei Provokationen an der Grenze von der Schusswaffe keinen Gebrauch machen, hat der Genosse Norden mit den entsprechenden Genossen zu besprechen und zu veranlassen, dass durch Gruppen, Züge oder Kompanien schriftliche Erklärungen abgegeben werden, die beinhalten, dass sie voll verstanden haben, um was es geht, und dass jeder, der die Gesetze unserer Deutschen Demokratischen Republik verletzt – auch wenn erforderlich – durch Anwendung der Waffe zur Ordnung gerufen wird.”

Die tödlichen Schüsse vom 24. August 1961 wurden zunächst nur in einem Bericht der Transportpolizei vermerkt. Noch am gleichen Tag informierte die Zentrale Informationsgruppe des Ministeriums für Staatssicherheitsdienst den sowjetischen Geheimdienst KGB, den Minister für Staatssicherheit, Erich Mielke, seinen Stellvertreter, Bruno Beater, und die SED-Führung über den “verhinderten Grenzdurchbruch”.

Um die offensichtliche Unmenschlichkeit der Tat zu vertuschen, versuchte die Staatssicherheit das Opfer zu verleumden und zu kriminalisieren. Generalmajor Bruno Beater veranlasste eine “Ermittlung im Wohngebiet”, um Informationen über den Toten zu sammeln, die sich für eine Verleumdungskampagne eignen könnten. Den Stasi-Unterlagen ist zu entnehmen, dass die Informationen aus dem Ermittlungsbericht vom 25. August 1961 tatsächlich für die nun folgende Agitationskampagne verwendet wurden.

Die Gerüchte, die über Günter Litfin gesammelt wurden, fanden Eingang in ausführliche MfS-Information an Erich Honecker und Erich Mielke vom 31. August 1961. Sie landeten offenkundig auch beim Autoren einer Meldung zu Günter Litfin in der Tageszeitung der SED “Neues Deutschland” vom 1. September 1961, der die gezielt gesuchten Gerüchte über Günter Litfins Privatleben in der Zeitung verbreitete.


Global Balance Of Power: U.S.’s Strategic Chess Move In Asia-Pacific

USA – managing China’s rise
By Imran Malik*


The USA’s strategic moves do indicate an emerging crescent of containment around China. It ranges from Afghanistan in the west to Arunachal Pradesh on the Sino-India border in the Himalayas in the centre and onto the Pacific Ocean in the east where the US and its allies are present with their formidable militaries.

China is reacting to counter this ominous and blatant attempt to hem it in and circumscribe its strategic space for manoeuvre. It seeks credible alternatives.

Geopolitically, it must garner succour and support from the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), which must be expanded immediately to include Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and India as full members. Such a move may deter India from joining the US camp too eagerly.


The rapacious and insatiable global US juggernaut is on the prowl again. Having wreaked death, devastation and misery on the peoples of the Greater Middle East Region (GMER-Iraq), the South-Central Asian Region (SCAR-Afghanistan, Pakistan), North Africa (Tunisia, Libya, Egypt), the Arabian Peninsula (Yemen), the Mediterranean (Syria) and still keeping the Persian Gulf sub-region (Iran) on tenterhooks, it has now set its sights on the Asia Pacific Region (APR).

Its ambitions and intentions to “contain and manage the rise of China” could not have been starker. Leon Panetta has declared the USA’s intent to “shift, pivot or rebalance” to the APR by deploying 60 percent of its naval assets there by 2020 – a major paradigm shift from the GMER/SCAR to the APR – with menacing geopolitical and strategic connotations.

While it indicates its geopolitical orientations for the future, it also questions its capabilities to project power simultaneously in multiple theatres of war. The US was generally expected to fight and win at least two-and-a-half Major Regional Conflicts (MRCs) simultaneously – meaning thereby that it could fight and win two major and one minor conflict in different theatres of war at the same time.

Some analysts now degrade that capability to about one-and-a-half MRC, for a myriad of reasons. Would this mean that the US does not foresee fighting a major war elsewhere (other than the APR) in the world circa 2020 and beyond? Is it by choice or a genuine limitation? The US sees China’s emerging economic military power as a major threat to its global and national aspirations, and thus feels compelled to “contain and manage its rise.”

It has made the preliminary geopolitical and strategic moves to manoeuvre into an advantageous position in the APR. It is reconfirming existing alliances and forging new ones. It can count upon known old allies such as South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Australia (US troops are to be based in the northern territories), Singapore, etc., while hoping to co-opt others like the ASEAN membership, the South Pacific Islands, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and ominously India.

India’s importance lies in not only keeping the Chinese distracted in the Himalayas, but also lets the US and its allies exploit the strategic advantages its military assets and facilities at the Nicobar and Andaman Islands provide.

Furthermore, the Indian Peninsula jutting out so prominently into the Indian Ocean allows great strategic oversight on all global East-West trade/SLOCs.

The two major likely areas of conflict in the APR (apart from Taiwan) are the South China Sea and the Malacca Straits. The South China Sea issue is gaining momentum with many regional countries, including China, laying claims to the Spratly Islands archipelago and its mineral/fossil riches.

The Malacca Straits (as opposed to the Lombok, Makassar and Mindoro Straits and the Sibutu Passage) provide the most economical Sea Lines of Communications (SLOCs). All the countries or economies of the APR thus have a compulsion to keep it open and navigable at all times. And the only naval power with the wherewithal to decisively control the Malacca Straits and other SLOCs – is the US.

Could the South China Sea issue then become the flashpoint to initiate a war with China to stunt its rapid growth into a global rival of the US? Could the blockade of the SLOCs through the Malacca Straits (and others) be the leverage that could force China to submit to US demands or hegemony?

The USA’s strategic moves do indicate an emerging crescent of containment around China. It ranges from Afghanistan in the west to Arunachal Pradesh on the Sino-India border in the Himalayas in the centre and onto the Pacific Ocean in the east where the US and its allies are present with their formidable militaries.

China is reacting to counter this ominous and blatant attempt to hem it in and circumscribe its strategic space for manoeuvre. It seeks credible alternatives.

Geopolitically, it must garner succour and support from the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), which must be expanded immediately to include Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and India as full members. Such a move may deter India from joining the US camp too eagerly.

Further, an assertive and proactive SCO in the SCAR/AfPak region could help nullify pressure on the Chinese western flank to a great extent. Its ‘String of Pearls Strategy’ is designed to find viable alternatives to the Malacca Straits and to seek a presence in the Indian Ocean.

It must translate its proactive interests in Pakistan (Gwadar), Sri Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar, etc. into tangible counter moves. It must also launch a massive diplomatic initiative and particularly engage ASEAN, regional countries and India to forestall their joining cause with the US.

Geo-economically, Pakistan is indispensable to the Chinese. Together they could develop the North-South trade corridor linking Xinjiang province in western China to Pakistani ports on the Arabian Sea. China’s presence in Gwadar will bring it close to Iran and the Hormuz Straits. An extension of the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline to China, an oil pipeline running parallel to it and a railway line along the Karakoram Highway (KKH) would provide viable and practical (though partial) alternatives to the SLOCs/Malacca Straits.

The Chinese already have an oil pipeline coming in from Kazakhstan into western China. Geo-strategically, with China sitting at Gwadar/the Straits of Hormuz (a strategic vulnerability for the US and its allies), it could project power and gain an even more devastating leverage over the US and its allies than they would have at the Malacca Straits.

When push comes to shove, this would give it a priceless and overwhelming bargaining, and negotiating advantage over the US and it hapless allies. A possible China-Pakistan-Iran nexus (SCO?) could actually be a geopolitical and strategic game changer in the emerging scenario.

Furthermore, Pakistan could keep the bulk of Indian forces tied to its borders and thus obviate meaningful hostilities against China in the Arunachal Pradesh region. It makes for a great game of chess at the global level. One only hopes that the US understands the regional and global ramifications of its shenanigans in the APR. World beware.

*The writer is a retired brigadier and a former defence attaché to Australia and New Zealand.


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