From 1973 to 2011: On the next engineered global crisis

A primary target of any globalist war in Iran Will be to spike oil prices in order to save the dollar from oblivion.

Just as we explained in a previous post (looming war with Iran ?) , all the hype about an ‘imminent’ Israeli or NATO attack on Iran was largely based on agenda driven disinformation campaign, and all the counter-globalist websites who took part in it were serving ,in fact, the globalist purpose of mounting the psychological pressure on Iran, especially towards the IAEA report about the Iranian nuclear program , which will be published in the second week of November 2011. Nevertheless, in the longer term, the ongoing display of smoke and mirrors might be the harbinger of a new ‘oil shock’ crisis of the 1973 caliber, with far reaching implications.


Historical background

The 1973 crisis was an artificial product of the deliberate destruction of the Bretton Woods system by Anglo-American financier oligarchy and the(ir) oil cartel. This was done for the purpose of jacking up oil price in order to save the dollar from losing its status as the world reserve currency (and therefore as a globalist control mechanism) . The scheme was apparently agreed upon in the annual Bilderberg convention in Sweden , in May 1973. This was immediately followed by a directive from Lord Victor Rothschild (the dominant character in the ‘Seven Sisters’ oil cartel) to David Rockefeller in Chase Manhattan Bank to begin the orchestration of the crisis. Rockefeller’s protege, Henry Kissinger (US National Security Advisor and Secretary of State under President Nixon) devised a plan to use the Israelis and the Muslim members of OPEC as expendable pawns in a Machiavellian maneuver whose ultimate purpose was to kick the Soviets out of the Middle-East at the expanse of the Israelis, while forcing OPEC to artificially create an "oil boycott" crisis that would spike oil price to astronomic levels. This way the globalist propaganda machine was able to give everyone what they wanted: the Israelophobes could blame the Israelis for the west’s troubles and the Islamophobes could blame it on "our dependence on Islamic oil producers" – while the globalists were laughing all the way to the bank.

The same methodology could be in the globalists’ cards regarding the upcoming crisis in Iran and the Persian gulf : a war in that area will inevitably lead to higher oil prices and therefore to a strengthening Dollar at the expanse of an already collapsing Euro.

The Yom-Kippur war itself , aka the Ramadan war in Arab terms, which occurred 6th till 24th October 1973, was premeditated by Kissinger, Anwar Saadat (Arab Republic of Egypt President) and Israeli Government, chiefly Moshe Dayan (Minister of Defense and the de-facto decision maker in both the 1967 and 1973 wars). This war is still subject to intense research, since Israel responded to the Egyptian "surprise" invasion in a belated, slow, indecisive and partial manner, while the Government was holding back the Army from taking the obvious necessary steps , with emphasis on reserve troops Mobilization, preemptive airfield strikes and even attempted to foil the Naval deployment, which nevertheless materialized since the Naval commander perceived his boats couldn’t be monitored by the Government, which at the time lacked satellites and before GPS came to exist. The Egyptian move centered around landing a couple of its armies, numbers 2 and 3, on the east bank of the Suez canal, in order to force Israel in to negotiations which lead by design to transfer the Sinai to Egypt, eventually the Gaza strip as well, inclusive of the artillery attrition war it wages on Israel.

Future implications for Israel

As our analysis of the Egyptian policy in the post-Mubarak era has shown, the globalist color revolution in Egypt has led to an increasing militarization of the Sinai peninsula, up to the point of Egyptian drones and Helicopters routinely violating Israeli airspace .

The Libyan crisis has already resulted in a massive flux of advanced weapons from Qaddafi’s stockpiles to Gaza and Sinai. This was demonstrated in the multiple rocket launchers deployed against Israeli targets in late October 2011. While officialy blamed on the chaos and anarchy of the Libyan war’s aftermath, there is room to suspect active involvement of Al-CIAeda in the smuggling networks for the purpose of further destabilizing Israel in order to tie its hands towards a possible strike on the Iranian nuclear facilities.

(This has been implicitly confirmed by in its post dated 11/11/2011)

Arab Muslim control over the Samaria (west bank) is the final artillery move in order to bring Israel down to its knees, giving it all up to NATO ‘peacekeeping’ troops.

Such a development could be made to happen only in extreme conditions of a defeat in a regional catastrophic war- of the kind the globalists are planing these days.


The $80 Billion accumulated in ‘Bank of Israel’ is likely intended to fund the resettling of 350,000 Jews from Judea and Samaria in to the ‘Tel-Aviv’ metro-state, in order to sustain the real-estate bubble, to the pleasure of the banksters who have invested in this bubble dozens of billions of USD over the last 5 years.

None of this money is spent on Firefighting, Hospitals or policing, in order to aggravate the pain of the Israeli citizenry, in order to make the public cry for help thus conceding to the final act against it, which will be wrapped with ‘peace’ propaganda, implying as always at ‘peace without Jews’. December 2010 pretension of dependency on foreign aerial firefighting, inspite of the actual need – covered by present and available capacity, to apply D9 bulldozers in order to properly remove the incendiary threat. This is an application of classical P-R-S:
(perpetrated) Problem, (public) Reaction and (final) Solution.

Global Imperialism

The Israeli arena comes in to this acute condition while NATO is now openly set to blow up the Iranian strategic defense establishment and consequently its sovereignty, in order to subdue its resources to NATO banksters’ cartel, while simultaneously preparing to repeat the Libyan example in Syria – Iran’s strategic proxy and gateway to the Mediterranean sea, as well as Russia’s naval bridgehead to that area.

Iran is also the key to the heart of the Eurasian mainland which has been identified by arch globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski as the main center of gravity in the ongoing effort to maintain global dominance at the hands of the Anglo-American empire. If Iran falls, China ( which gets much of its oil resources from Iran ) will be at the globalists’ mercy, and Russia will be encircled from its southern regions to the Caucasus.

Israeli war fighting capacity

Confronting Lebanon, then instead of establishing at long last the critically needed mountainous brigades, the IDF has been feminized inclusive of degrading the male training regime, in order to make it ‘equal’ to the female inadequacy. (This was one of the primary goals of globalist financial support given to destabilization groups inside Israel, including the ‘Feminist’ lobby)

Confronting Iran, which is Hezbollah’s patron, Israeli capacity is limited to a few submarines and to vulnerable aerial refueling method based on a large Boeing 707, instead of low profile peer-refueling by means of probe and drogue. Installing viruses at Iranian computers is too limited effect since this can be easily overcome by means of a Chinese based computer system, instead of a western one. It is now expected to take up to one year for Iran to finish concealing all of its critical nuclear installations in deep ground shelters. This time frame doesn’t leave Israel time to equip its air-force accordingly.

The operational expectation is this: Hezbollah shall overtake Israeli settlements in the Galilee, in order to negotiate an abrupt withdrawal of Israel out of Judea and Samaria, to become a replacement for what France has lost in Lebanon in term of hospitable population and territory,
Just this time in concert with the Vatican plans to overtake Jerusalem, which has never been acknowledged by Christendom, e.g. NATO, as the Israeli capital city.

The wintery timing is intended to justify the inability of Israeli airborne ground attack guided weaponry which is primarily based on IR & Laser, i.e. light beams, thus blocked out by means of humidity, fog, cloud and rain. The mud is also intended to block out Israeli use of heavy armory.


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