E-BOOK : The Games

Grim and intense, The Games explores the dark side of athletic pursuits. This fast-paced novel follows six Olympic hopefuls in various sports as they claw and bleed their way to a berth on their national teams.

Against the backdrop of their physical and spiritual striving is the tale of Sam, the disaffected brother of an Olympic rower. Isolated and rudderless, he falls under the sway of a social activist and terrorist who has his own insidious plans for the Games. The six Olympic hopefuls are Jayna in basketball, Lexi in rowing, Andrea in kayaking, Vincent in swimming, Yasmine in the marathon, and JJ in rowing. To make it to the top, each must overcome their personal demons. In the process, their bodies, dreams, and relationships will falter and crumble as they fight for a spot at the Olympic Games.

In an arena this cutthroat, few will make it, while the rest will have to justify a lifetime’s investment in attaining an athletic prowess that eventually failed to make the cut. Juxtaposed alongside the athletes’ stories is the sordid tale of Sam. As he knows all too well, there are many different kinds of losing, from losing the race to losing oneself. In his search for God and stability, what he encounters are their opposites. His own involvement with terrorism becomes a violent and pathetic attempt to redeem himself from personal failures. This stirring fictionalized account drips with authenticity from the author’s own experiences as an Olympic athlete


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