Ways to Defeat Synthetic Telepathy Neural Implants( Microwave Hearing Effect

Writing by Melvin Hillard

A personal area network jamming/masking device. A portable device about the size of a pocket radio that produces signals similar to that of a human but at a higher power output and with noise riding on the signals. The human brain produces signals about 30HZ while awake. They currently have sophisticated software that removes unwanted events like heartbeats and voice vibrations from EEG readings so any noise produced should be random unpredictable events that are difficult to filter out. This device could also jam incoming microwave frequencies to stop the microwave hearing effect while outside. Bluetooth technology allows communication between enabled devices over the microwave spectrum at about 100 to 200 ft. The whole technology is on a single chip. It can be programed to do anything you want.

EMI shielding material can be used to make Faraday cages. A faraday cage is an enclosure, like a room or entire building, encased in this material and is then connected to earth ground. The NSA building on the grounds of Ft Meade MD is fully encased in copper. Copper is too expensive for most people but there are lower cost alternatives. The earth is a naturally conducting body that is always at electrical neutral. Any attempt to develop a voltage on a conductor that is connected to it will simply discharge to earth ground. It is not necessary to redo the roof. You could put a layer of material on the attic floor then cover it with another layer of plywood. Quarter inch plywood would not add too much weight. It is also possible to paint the underside of the roof with a metallic paint or attach metal screen. Metallic paint could be applied to all walls.

The power level of a neural implant must be quite small given the size of the implant and the available voltage. Maybe a fraction of a watt. The brain produces very small voltages. Making a mask of EMI material that covers the entire head (eyes, nose, mouth etc) and even the upper part of the body would probably be enough to block all incoming and outgoing signals. The person could then be taken to a Faraday cage facility to have it removed.

A lot of electronic equipment is very expensive. Personal computers etc. It is always a good idea to have it plugged into a surge suppressor. Surge suppressors prevent large spikes from destroying the equipment. A lightning strike for example can destroy everything in a home. Ham radio equipment is also vunerable through the antenna. Ham radio manufacturers make surge suppressors that connect between the antenna and the reciever. It might be possible to blow out an implant by standing near where someone produces a large spike. This could disconnect a lot of people very quickly and make it hard for them to chase everyone around. Another possibility is to just surgically snip off the end instead of trying to remove the whole thing to disconnect a lot of people.

It is possible to use the wiring inside your house as an an tenna for a radio thus picking up your signals and carrying them to the outside world. Broadband Over Powerlines is an example of using these wires to carry a lot of data. You should get off the grid completely. If wiring a new house all wires should go through a chase that connects all floors. This makes them accessible and more easily managed. Keep the amount of wiring to a minimum. Solar panels can separate the oxygen and hydrogen in water by electrolysis then recombine it in a fuel cell to produce electricity. Solar panels can also help to heat a house.

Having a stand alone noise generator in the house could also help. Along with Bluetooth technology SDR (Software Defined Radio) is becoming quite sophisticated. A company in California called Ettus Research has a radio that can cover from 0HZ to GHZ for about $600. It operates on a opensource program called the GNU Radio project. It might be possible to program it to produce all the noise you need. Older technology include spark transmitters and white noise generators.

There are two types of noise that get into electrical devices. Common mode and differential noise. A simple explanation is common mode comes from an outside source and differential comes from wire to wire. Crosstalk inside a data communication cable is differential. Noise that got on the cable from an outside source would be common mode. Ferrite cores can help eliminate noise by just clipping it onto the wire. Most houses have all thier power lines located at the panel. It could be possible to put a noise generator at the point and introduce noise into the lines.

Centrally locate all communication wiring in a panel inside the house. This makes it easier to manage. They make filters for telephone lines that will eliminate all frequencies above the audio level which is around 30KHZ. While it is still possible to send data at that speed it slows it down considerably. A shut off switch could be placed on the coax cable to shut it off if necessary. Make a list of all devices with antennas and decide if they are really needed. Make a Faraday cage for each one and put it inside when you don’t need it.



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