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Anonymous: Anti-surveillance protest tomorrow

The hacktivist group says a worldwide anti-surveillance protest will take a stand against what the ACLU has called "the surveillance-industrial complex."

by Violet Blue

Anonymous is planning a global protest tomorrow.

In a campaign called Operation Big Brother, the Worldwide Day Of Protest Against Surveillance appears to be plotting action from citizens in over a dozen countries in an organized effort against government use of surveillance systems such as Europe’s INDECT and America’s Trapwire.

Using a Google Map to pull in and track protesters by location, Operation Big Brother is supposed to visibly demonstrate what’s going on during the protest. Yet little is known about how it will be implemented other than the suggestion, "IRL protest (…) unofficial information and defacing."

News of the protest is being shared on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pastebin, while opt-in protest locations are being tracked with a Google Map.

The protest was announced in August after a WikiLeaks leak of private intelligence firm Stratfor’s documents revealed the global use and implementation of American surveillance system Trapwire. It was first tacked onto a pre-existing European anti-government-surveillance protest, Stop INDECT.

But now on its Operation Big Brother Twitter feed and ancillary online outlets, Anonymous is hinting at bigger plans.

Information about the protest is being shared by Operation Big Brother (@OpBigBrother) and there is a #OpBigBrother Worldwide call to protest against Surveillance Systems Facebook Event Page.

Both Trapwire and INDECT combine various intelligent surveillance technologies with tracking and location data, individual profile histories from various sources (data mining and social media), and image data analysis (such as facial recognition — Trapwire’s video component) to monitor people.

#OpBigBrother Worldwide Protest 10/20/2012


Anonymous’un İsveç’in önemli kurumlarının internet sayfalarını hacklemesi üzerine İsveçli Anonymous grubu karşı atağa geçti.

Anonymous adı verilen hacker grubu, İsveç’in önemli kurumlarının internet sayfalarına saldırdı.

Perşembe günü YouTube‘da yaptıkları anons ile, cuma günü saat 14.30’dan itibaren önemli İsveç sayfalarını hackleyeceklerini bildiren Anonymous grubu, yapacakları eylemin bugüne kadar yapılmış en büyük eylem olacağını bildirdi.

Bilgisayar korsanları, İsveç Hükümeti, İsveç Gizli Servisi, güvenlik kuruluşları, savcılıklar, merkez bankası, meclis, mahkemeler gibi bir çok resmi kurumun aralarında bulunduğu 16 sayfayı hackledi. Hackerlerin saldırısı ile, İsveç’te hayat büyük ölçüde felce uğradı. İsveçlilerden oluşan ve kendilerine Gerçek Anonymous adı veren bir başka hacker grubu ise, isimlerinin başkaları tarafından kullanıldığını öne sürerek ve eylemci hackerlerin "Çocuksu Anonymouslar“ olduğunu söyleyerek, resmi kurumları hackerleyen grubu ortaya çıkarmak için harekete geçtiğini bildirdi. İsveçli karşı grup, bilgisayar korsanlarını tek tek tesbit ederek kimliklerini açıklayacaklarını bildirdi. Uluslararası Güvenlik İşbirliği Kuruluşu Cert-se lideri Anders Hansson, eylemin çok büyük olduğunu ve resmi kurumların çalışmalarını felce uğrattıığını belirterek „eylem, özel bilgisayarları kamuya ait bir çok kuruluşun internet sayfalarına yönlendirmek şeklinde yapıldı. Şimdi haklenen siteler istenmeyen trafiği yok etmeye çalışıyorlar“dedi. Hackerlerin eylemi ile sitelerin milyonlarca soru yağmuruna tutulduğu ve normal resmi işlemlerin yapılamadığı bildirildi. Anonymous adı verilen Hackerler bu yıl Danimarka‘da sendikalara yönelik benzeri eylemlerde bulunmuşlardı.

Hakerlenin hacklediği önemli devlet siteleri: (nere) (nere) (åter uppe efter ett stopp) (åter uppe efter ett stopp) (nere) (nere) (åter uppe efter ett stopp) (nere) (nere)
http://www.sä (nere) (nere)
http://www.å (nere)


Anonymous Says it Hacked Swedish Websites

The Interpol operation was carried out over a dozen cities in Europe and Latin America by police from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain. (Reuters)

Hackers have struck at least two Swedish government-affiliated websites, shutting down one of them in a denial-of-service attack and leaving links to profane messages on the other.

The attacks come just days after police on Monday raided a Stockholm-based web hosting company, PRQ, and a video was posted on YouTube – allegedly made on behalf of the hacker group Anonymous – warning Swedish authorities of repercussions.

Police spokesman Anders Ahlqvist says the website of Sweden’s Courts Administration was swamped with false users, while links to a foul message was left at the National Board of Health and Welfare. Both sites are running again.

PRQ Head Mikael Viborg says his company previously hosted servers for file-sharing site the Pirate Bay and still houses some servers for the secret-spilling website WikiLeaks.


NSA Cybercom Running Anonymous Operations

August 7, 2012 by Bernd Pulch

A sends:

NSA Cybercom Running Anonymous Operations” reads very… confusing. especially with Anonymous being capitalized. could you maybe rephrase, “operations run anonymously” or alike?

Cryptome: NSA Cybercom is cloaking its anonymous covert operations with Anonymous spoofing, a common practice of multiple TLAs, to hide, to divert, to smear, to create suspicion and paranoia, and to justify attacks and counter attacks. The purpose of the file title is to call attention to the practice. The FBI has been doing it more openly and with sockpuppetry. As has France, Great Britain, Israel, Iran, China, NATO, and a slew of other anonymizing entities, governmental, commercial, educational, NGOs, individuals and … umm, your ideas are likely better than mine.

Please share them for the debate about Anonymous and other forms of online and offline spoofing and exposure has hardly begun.

27 July 2012

NSA Cybercom Running Anonymous Operations

General Alexander, who rarely speaks publicly, did not say how many attacks had occurred in that period. But he said that he thought the increase was unrelated to the release two years ago of a computer worm known as Stuxet, which was aimed at taking down Iran’s uranium enrichment plant at Natanz.

When the worm inadvertently became public, many United States officials and outside experts expressed concern that it could be reverse-engineered and used against American targets. General Alexander said he saw no evidence of that.

General Alexander, as head of the N.S.A., was a crucial player in a covert American program called Olympic Games that targeted the Iranian program. But under questioning from Pete Williams of NBC News at a security conference here, he declined to say whether Stuxnet was American in origin; the Obama administration has never acknowledged using cyberweapons. …

General Alexander spoke in a 75-minute interview at the Aspen Security Forum at the Aspen Institute here. The New York Times is a media sponsor of the four-day conference.

Cryptome: Alexander, contrary to previous DIRNSAs, is speaking quite often to gin cyber-aggression as dual-use head of NSA and Cybercom, first for defense second for offense, both now ordered to expound open cyber-threat propaganda to parallel long-standing covert information operations.

Among a slew of commercial initiatives drumming cyber conflict, the Aspen Security Forum aims to be the premier war-bloviation platform, heavily empaneled by former USG officials now shilling for the national security industry. NY Times sponsorship is indicative of the perdurable wartime financial benefits for the media in conjunction with financial markets. Bloviation blows ill winds, the storm front gaining force during presidential campaigns.

Cyber attacks on the US, do not forget them, they are legion, expect them, thanks to NSA/Cyber Command Anonymous operations.

Anonymous Emniyet ve MİT’e saldırdı

KÜRESEL siber saldırı örgütü Anonymous, daha önce Ankara Emniyet Müdürlüğü, Dışişleri Bakanlığı gibi devlet kurumlarının internet sayfalarını hackleyen RedHack grubuna destek eylemi yaptı.

Anonymous, Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü ve Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı’nın internet sitesine saldırıda bulundu.

Akıncılar ile atışmışlardı

Geçen hafta Akıncılar isimli hacker grubunun, sosyal paylaşım sitelerinde RedHack’i desteklediklerini bildiren yazılar yazan kişilerin kimliklerini yayınlamasının ardından Kızılhackerlar, Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü’ne ve Ankara Emniyet Müdürlüğü’ne gelen bazı ihbar mektuplarını yayınlamışlardı. İhbarcıların kimliklerini kendilerinea ait olan sitesinde yayınlayan internet korsanları twiter hesaplarında Akıncılar grubunun devlet eliyle desteklendiğini iddia ederek “Herşeyi yayınlayacağız” mesajı bırakmıştı.

MİT de fişi çekti

Bunun ardından internet üzerindeki siber savaşta bir cephe daha açıldı. Kendilerini ‘anonymous legion’ (anonim ordu) olarak adlandıran hacker grubu, önceki gün ÖSYM’nin internet sitesini çökertti. Bunun ardından ise dün sabah Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü’nün ve Milli İstihbarat Teşkilatı’nın internet sitelerine ulaşılamadı. İnternet korsanları twitter hesaplarından saldırıyı üstlenerek, “Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü’nden sonra MİT de fişi çekti. Perşembe perişanlık… Hakan Fidan’ı ziyaret edelim dedik. Ama twitter’da RedHack’i yakalamak için dolanmasın” mesajı bıraktı.

RedHack’in twitter hesabında da “Polis’in “orantısız” şiddeti, haklarını isteyenlere; taraftarından gazeteciye, isçiye, memura, öğrenciye kadar uyguladığı baskıdan kaynaklı ve elbette siber ortamda “usulsuz şekilde” kılıktan kılığa girerek RedHack’i sindirmeye calışmasından kaynaklı desteğe ve yardımlaşmaya gelen kardeşlerimiz Anonymous tarafından çökertildi. Şu an site down durumdadır” mesajı yer aldı.

Geri püskürttük

Saldırı ile ilgili çalışma başlatan Bilişim Daire Başkanlığı siber saldırıyı doğruladı, ancak “Hackleme olmamıştır” denildi. Hürriyet’e konuşan bir yetkili, “Yapılan saldırıda herhangi bir bilgiye ulaşılamamıştır. Girişim olmuştur ancak geri püskürtülmüştür. İnternet sayfasında kısa süreli bir ‘donma’ olmuştur” dedi.

RedHack nasıl hack’liyor

TREND Micro Akdeniz Ülkelerinden Sorumlu Güvenlik Danışmanı İnanç Ilgın, RedHack’in kurumlara nasıl saldırdığını şöyle anlattı: “Redhack, saldırı için iki yöntem kullanıyor. İlk olarak binlerce bilgisayara zararlı yazılım sızdırıyor. Bu şekilde bilgisayarların kontrolünü ele geçiriyor ve bilgisayarlar “zombiye” dönüşüyor. Binlerce bilgisayar aynı anda saldırınca internet sayfaları çökmeye başlıyor. İkinci yöntemde ise bu kez kurumların zaafları tespit ediliyor ve saldırı başlıyor.” Ilgın, kurumlarda kullanılan hassas önemdeki verilere sahip sistemlerin güncel tutulmasının altını çizdi. Dışişleri Bakanlığı’nı hack’ledikten sonra bakanlığa “Oğlum bak git” mesajını gönderen RedHack’in çok geçmeden Twitter hesabı kapatıldı. Ancak çok geçmeden hacker grubu yeni bir hesap açtı ve kısa sürede yaklaşık 23 bin takipçiye ulaştı. / Selim ÖZTÜRK

RedHack kimdir

15 yıl önce 3 kişi tarafından kurulan RedHack’in çekirdek kadrosu küçük gibi görünse de grup, 100 kişiyi aşkın hacker’la birlikte çalışıyor. Anonymous’a nazaran grubun en önemli özelliği birbirini tanıyan üyelerden oluşması. Siyasi bir örgüye bağlı olmadıkları ısrarla belirten grup, kendilerini “komünist” olarak tanımlıyor.

RedHack Team release Turkish Police informant files

As you may be all aware, our actions are continuing non-stop since February. From that time our first action was against Ankara Security Headquarters and as a result seven innocent people got arrested and they are still imprisoned. The only evidence against them is a PlayStation Cd’s. The dominant powers then decided to transfer the investigation about us to a prosecutor who once managed the Sivas case to drop due to time-frame elapsed, where 33 intellectuals and artists got killed by mob of bigots. Despite this we didn’t stop and we were investigated by National Intelligence Agency (MIT) and complaint was made to Interpol. For disinformation reasons various news was made about us. We still did not stop. Ministry of Interior was hacked twice, 95% of police forces in Turkey were hacked, and other Ministry sites were hacked time to time. Lately we were declared “terrorists” after Ministry of Foreign Affairs was hacked where we have leaked document. All of a sudden cyber teams established against us have mushroomed up. Those couldn’t stop us with help of imperial powers such as USA, EU, Russia or China created “cyber counter-guerrillas” and created sites to vilify us. Also the government, that sees us as terrorists supported these people to attack other countries. They have tried various games to alienate people against us.

Very recently attacks started against opposition journalists that makes objective news and lawyers specialises on internet. With the helping hand of the government those fake sites published personal details of these freedom defenders and very harsh/degrading threats were made to them. Just today another dirty “cyber government” attack was made against Birgun (OneDay) newspaper. This must be the very “Cyber Army” that was established against us by establishments such as TUBITAK, TIB and BTK. One of their employee quite recently announced that they will use a different approach against us, this must be it. They will brand those fighting for the truth as a terrorist but will unleash their lamers against journalists, lawyers. This must be their so called “different approach”.

As these conditions were set by them and freedom defender’s details are published with the help of government, we have taken a decision. Since they are attacking those people fighting for freedom, we will not let them walk alone. Starting from the beginning, we will publish all the leaked documents we have managed to gather, uncensored.

We will only stop when they cease to treat these lamers with double standard and treat them as equal as us.

Tomorrow we will start to publish an uncensored police informants file of 70mb.

Since we are a “terrorist” and those who publish details of innocent people are heroes, then we will act with the language they understand. We won’t play the inoffensive any longer.

The choice is yours; either put the leash on these corrupted lamers that lacks knowledge of code or face the consequences.

Lastly, we will not let those take sides with us be alone. We have plenty of jokes and they are funny but they are all real.

We don’t ACQUIT We HACK!

We won’t embarrass those trust us and walks with us, we won’t leave them alone halfway through this struggle.

If we get arrested one day, we will defend our actions. Because bourgeois terrorists cannot judge us.

RedHack (Red Hackers Association)

Central Committee

14th July 2012

Hacking for the People!

Turkish Police informant files 12427pages 77mb in Turkish

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ANONYMOUS /// OPERATION TURKEY : Turkish Police Leaks-Informants info /// CC : @RedHackEU @RedHack_EN @KizilHackerlar

Earlier this year we have infiltrated the website of Ankara Security Headquaters. Large amount of documents were data was leaked. We have decided to make them public after the government sponsored fascist lamers have started to target journalist and academics who have written about us.Please see previous statement about this.

We still have 14 files at same size this is only one of them. Fascist Turkish state and their lamers should stop threatening journalists and academics. There is also a file containing phone no’s and addresses of people directly working for the police. Our revenge will be harsh,only way we will stop publishing these files is if so called government sponsored “lamers” stop attacking journalists.

Links for the files published ( we uploaded them on 3 different sites in case any of them removes them):




Breakfdown of entries in these files; 66.255 for 155 Complaint Line (used to spy on other people) and general calls to police, 32.975 for traffic registration, Passport Branch 19.928 and 35.108 for others.


|1200||MURAT TUNÇYÜREK|merhabalar şu zamanlarda ankara sokaklarında balyoz timi adı altında hizmet veren ve insanlara karşı şiddet uygulayan bu polis gurubunun asıl işi nedir neden bu şekilde insan haklarını ihmal ederek hareket ederler lütfen bunu mailime gerekirsede telefon numara yanıtlayınız.bu polis gurubu yüzünden geçtiğim günlerde yaşadığım bir olaydan dolayı son derece psikolojim bozuldu.teşekkür ediyorum||Bilgi Formu|

|1200||MURAT TUNÇYÜREK|hello what exactly does this Balyoz Team which consists of police officers do, when they use violence against people, what is their real duty? Why do they act in a way to violate human rights. Please reply back to my e-mail or to my telephone. My physcology is effected because of these police group when I had an incident with them. Thank you ||InformationForm|

|3782||Kullanici |Aris kod adlı ersoyşahin. Antalyada meyis adası üzerinden üç dhkc li iki tkp ml li teröristi dışarı çıkardı. Aracı oldu. Finansmanı sağladı. 2002 de Antalyada tikb ye 7 milyar para gönderdi. Parayı özellikle lara ve konyaltı sahilinde oturan zengin cocuklarından topladı. Tikb ye benim bildiğim 14 kişi gönderdi Ankarada uzun süredir örgüt bitme noktasında idi. İstanbula çağrıldı ocak18 inde. Ve ankarayı düzeltmek için ankaraya gönderildi. Ankaraya yalnız gelmedi. Ankara dağılırken şimdi toparladı. Büro açtı. Ben onun yakınında bir insanım. Şimdi beni kokutuyor. Çünkü geçen gün bir paket verdi ve üçgün sonra aldı. Bu pakette abd elçiliğin resimleri vardı. Ayrıca dyp gen merkezinin. Birde sıksık bize ses lazım diyor. tek fobisi cezaevi biraz kalsa herşeye tövbe eder. Yarın Saat 21 de kurtuluş parkında bana paket getirecek. ama ben korkuyorum. ve paket önemli imiş. Ben buraları terk ediyorum| | |

|3782|| User|Aris code named Ersoy Sahin. He helped 3 DHKC 2 TKP ML terrorist to flee abroad through Antalya Meyis island. He had a vehicle. Arranged the finance. In 2002 he sent 7billion lira money to TIKB from Antalya. He collected these monies from rich people that reside at Lara and Konyaalti. He recruited at least 14 people for TIKB. Organisation was at the verge of finishing off in Ankara. He was called to Istanbul on 18th January. He was sent back to Ankara to put things in routine. Ankara has gathered strength. He opened a office. I was very close to him. He threatens me now. Because he gave me a packet the other day and he had it back after 3 days. These packet consisted pictures of USA embassy. Also DYP headquarters (True Path Party). He was constantly saying we need to make some noise. His also fear is prison, I’m sure if he saying there a bit he will swear not to do things like this. He will bring me a packet tomorrow 21:00 hours at Kurtulus (Liberation) park. But I’m scared. And I was told the packet was important. I’m leaving these places. |

|288||Kullanıcı|ankara sincan maya poliklinikte muhasebeci olarak çalışan, 40 yaşlarında, NEŞE adında, soyadını bilmediğim, DİYARBAKIRLI bir kadın var. arabası beyaz ford focus sedan. plakası 06 gvz 43. bu kadın her yerde TÜRKİYE CUMHURİYETİ aleyhinde konuşmalar yapmaktadır. en son birkaç gün evvel savaşa hayır yürüyüşü yapanların arasına katışmış ve pkk yanlısı sloganlar atmıştır. bu esnada beni görünce yönünü değiştirerek uzaklaşmıştır. kliniğin telefonu 269 99 69 dur. bu kadın klinikte salı perşembe ce cumartesi günleri çalışmaktadır.| |TERÖR YANLISI KADIN|

|288||User| There is a women called NESE, I don’t know her surname, she is around 40yrs from DİYARBAKIR and works as accountant at Maya polyclinic at Sincan Ankara. Her car is white Ford Focus Sedan, registration 06 GVZ 43. Where ever she goes she talks against the sake of REPUBLIC OF TURKEY. On last occasion few days ago she joined the protest march against the war and shouted slogans that are adherent to pkk. When she saw me she turned around and walked away in disappeared. Phone number of the clinic is 269 9969. This woman works there on Tuesdays, thurdays and Saturdays. |WOMAN SUPPORTS TERROR|




Im sending you this e-mail because, at the first day of the 16th Spring Celebrations that took place at ODTU (Middle East Technical University) between 7-10 May there was a stall which had a literature says BIJI APO and a picture taken at mountains etc with Yellow Red Green coloured flag. If this news are spread through the TV channels I’m sure the dean of university will take relevant precautions. BEST REGARDS.||PKK AND KADEK AT ODTÜ |

|5085||CAVİT SARPAY ÖZDUMAN|TC.Emniyet teşkilatı na yaralı bir mensup olmak istiyorum.||Bilgi Formu|

5085||CAVİT SARPAY ÖZDUMAN|I want to be a useful companion for the Turkish Republic’s Security organisation.


|3931||User | A bomb attack will be launched against Taliban’s Representative building at Cankaya where previously Ülkücüler (Greywolves -fascist organisation belongs to MHP Nationalist Movement Party) held an action (protest) and 150 Ülkücü were arrested. This will be carried out by Ülkü Ocaklari (Grey Wolves Associations) wıth the command of their association’s Chair Atilla Kaya | | |

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